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December 22, 2012

The Allegheny Front's Holiday Special

The holiday version of The Allegheny Front features stories from staff and contributors.

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Gas, Guns, and Pipelines

Joe Bezjak wanted pipeline workers off his property. They say he threatened to shoot them. He says he was trying to protect his herd, and land. The 73-year-old ended up in jail over the confrontation. 

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Commentary: Sharp Ideas for a Green Christmas

Allegheny Front intern Patrick Wagner believes it takes some sharp thinking to make Christmas green.  

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How Green is Your Christmas Tree? An Answer to the Real vs. Plastic Debate

Is it more environmentally friendly to have an artificial tree or to cut a real one down? The debate is rehashed year after year in the media, in the industry, and in who knows how many living rooms. This year we looked for some answers.

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