The Allegheny Front for the week of

January 5, 2013

Ice Fishing in Pennsylvania

You might think ice fishing is something only done in Minnesota or Canada. Here in Pennsylvania, ice fishing is a popular sport. Reporter Jason Witmer heads to Allegheny County's North Park Lake.

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Ice Skating is "just beautiful"

 Whether you are chasing a little black puck around, or simply enjoying a glide on the ice, skating can really get the blood pumping.

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Snow: It's What's for Dinner

What's the best thing about winter? Eating snow, say the children of The Allegheny Front's Reid Frazier.

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A Walk in the Snow Turns Old Dog into Pup

For those of us with dogs--and dog walking duties--winter can be a drag. But for The Allegheny Front's Kara Holsopple, some dog walks are better than others. Especially when the snow is fresh.

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Sledding: A Kid's Perspective

For many children, their first winter sport comes on the back of a sled. What could be better for a kid than high speed and a sudden drop induced by a favorite sledding hill. Kyle Norris tried to replicate that experience, by squeezing onto a sled.

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