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January 5, 2013

Ice Skating is "just beautiful"

 Whether you are chasing a little black puck around, or simply enjoying a glide on the ice, skating can really get the blood pumping.

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A Walk in the Snow Turns Old Dog into Pup

For those of us with dogs--and dog walking duties--winter can be a drag. But for The Allegheny Front's Kara Holsopple, some dog walks are better than others. Especially when the snow is fresh.

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Sledding: A Kid's Perspective

For many children, their first winter sport comes on the back of a sled. What could be better for a kid than high speed and a sudden drop induced by a favorite sledding hill. Kyle Norris tried to replicate that experience, by squeezing onto a sled.

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Ice Fishing in Pennsylvania

You might think ice fishing is something only done in Minnesota or Canada. Here in Pennsylvania, ice fishing is a popular sport. Reporter Jason Witmer heads to Allegheny County's North Park Lake.

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