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This Week, Outside #5: Hey, Winter. Make Up Your Mind


Hey, winter. We love you. But please make up your mind. Because when it’s 24 degrees on Saturday and 54 degrees on Wednesday, we’re left wondering whether there’s really any meaning in it all.

A photo posted by Danielle (@daniebabiii) on

Near Philadelphia


And thanks a lot for this.

In northeast Pennsylvania


And, seriously, some people are getting confused and starting their tetherball leagues early.

In West Chester, Pennsylvania


Nonetheless, winter, you still helped us make some memories this week.

A photo posted by Steven Tyler (@scrisamore) on

Hiking the Appalachian Trail near Duncannon, Pennsylvania


Forty-one-inch Tiger muskie caught near Beltzville State Park


And we’re totally in awe of this guy’s precision catch and release skills.

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And this guy’s ability to combine his two favorite weekend activities.

A photo posted by Kevin Jackson (@biggunner87) on


And the freeze/thaw helped create some pretty amazing ice flows on the rivers.

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On the Susquehanna River


In Harrisburg, PA


But really, we could use a lot more of this.

Near Lancaster, PA


And this.

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Near Parkesburg, PA


And, yeah. That’s nice.

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And, whoa. Definitely more of this. Thanks, winter. We hope you stick around awhile.

Unity Township, Westmoreland County, PA

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