In this episode, we hear the story of a former astronaut who’s trying to do something about climate change with his remaining days on Earth.

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Stories in this episode

  • The Thin Blue Ribbon
    Former astronaut Piers Sellers is dying. And he wants to spend his last days on Earth working on climate change.
  • A Climate Fight on Chicago’s South Side
    Climate change is causing more severe storms in the American Midwest. And the impacts of urban flooding are taking a big toll on a historic Chicago neighborhood.
  • Pittsburgh's Pete Schell says he's probably collected about 300 to 400 baseballs in the 15 years he's been shagging balls outside the Pirates' ballparks. But the dream of catching one on the fly has so far eluded him. Photo: Lou Blouin Ball ‘Hawking’ on the Allegheny River
    Rather than scratch and claw for baseballs with the other ball "hawks" inside PNC park, Pete Schell has staked out his own version of the hawks' life on the banks of the Allegheny River.