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Cindi Fink with an empty birdfeeder.

Episode for July 9, 2021

Researchers are racing to find the cause of mysterious bird deaths being reported across the eastern US. We have answers to your questions on Biden's climate plan. Longtime environmental journalist, Don Hopey reflects on his beat in Pittsburgh. News about U.S. Steel's Clairton Coke Works.
Anti-solar sign in yard

Episode for July 2, 2021

Despite decreasing pollution, climate change is making air quality worse. Michael Mann says climate deniers have a new tactic: doom and gloom. A psychologist discusses managing our climate fears and moving towards solutions. The next energy boom in Pennsylvania: solar power.
Lordstown Motors truck

Episode for June 25, 2021

Manufacturing of electric cars and batteries will take a new kind of worker. If Pennsylvania joins RGGI, a cap-and-trade program for power plants, will your electricity rates go up? An experimental treatment is helping bats fight off a deadly fungus. Sniffing out spotted lanternflies.
Jennifer Granholm

Episode for June 18, 2021

US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm talks about jobs for the region in a clean energy future. A local project trains volunteers to keep an eye on bees and other pollinators. An environmental justice organizer is hopeful about young people in the movement. News about air quality in Allegheny County.
Ohio River Blue Sky

Episode for June 11, 2021

The EPA heard from Pittsburgh communities concerned about lead in drinking water. Good news for dragonflies on the Ohio River. Bad news for coal with closures of a coal mine and coal-fired power plant. We tag along on a bike ride that has its own soundtrack. 
Sara Dougherty

Episode for June 4, 2021

Ohio's Steel Valley sees a future in electric cars and clean energy as 'Voltage Valley.' We ask an expert what will it take to get consumers to buy electric vehicles. The Allegheny National Forest gains critical land along the Clarion River. A tick researcher has tips to stay safe in the outdoors.
Cecil Roberts

Episode for May 28, 2021

This week, candid interviews about what a "just energy transition" means. We hear from Biden's National Climate Advisor about how the administration will help coal communities in the transition to clean energy, and from the head of the United Mine Workers who says coal workers have sacrificed enough.

Episode for May 21, 2021

The landmark environmental rights amendment in Pennsylvania turns 50 this week. Central Pennsylvania is one of the best places for flyfishing but there is a need to protect these prized streams from farm pollution. A bill in the statehouse aims to help communities affected by Pennsylvania's industrial legacy.
Kathryn Reilly and her daughter Madeline live in Crofton, Maryland where cicadas have emerged in large numbers. They are currently ranked 7th on the Cicada Safari leaderboard. Photo: Kathryn Reilly

Episode for May 14, 2021

Billions of Brood X cicadas are emerging! Learn how to go on a Cicada Safari. A local artist is creating a portal to an underground stream. How U.S. Steel's decision to drop a $2 billion upgrade will impact air quality and the economy in Allegheny County. What West Virginia's New River Gorge can expect this summer and beyond.

Episode for May 7, 2021

Branding gas as "responsibly sourced" by cutting methane leaks. A fight is brewing over another source of methane, the meat and dairy industry. Climate change report predicts more heatwaves, floods, and droughts in Pennsylvania's future. Choosing native plants helps create more habitat for birds and bugs.