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Episode for December 13, 2019

Shell’s ethane cracker in Beaver County will produce tiny plastic pellets that can spill or escape from the plant. Will the Ohio River be protected? RiverWise is embracing sustainability in Beaver County. Plus, there's a new plan to keep sewage overflows out of Pittsburgh's rivers. A CMU study finds economic value from natural gas in the region, but also premature deaths.

Episode for December 6, 2019

American natural gas is exported to 35 countries, including Japan. But some Pennsylvanians have been forced to give up their land in the process. We talk with Obama's chief climate negotiator on the future of climate action. A longtime environmentalist gives advice to the new generation. Charge filed in a security scheme along the troubled Mariner East pipeline project.

Episode for November 29, 2019

From talking to kids about the uncertainty of a warming planet to educating ourselves about climate science, we hear from people grappling with the enormity of the climate crisis. We go inside one of Pennsylvania's most energy efficient buildings. Pa. announces studies on health impacts from fracking.