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Two riders, arm in arm, stand on a road next to their bike, with a stone overpass behind them

Episode for September 29, 2023

A second injection well to dispose of fracking waste was approved in a Pittsburgh suburb, but many residents are unhappy with the decision. Also, a new study looks at how climate change has impacted poison ivy in Pennsylvania using museum specimens that date back to the 1840s. Plus, the Biden administration announced a new jobs program to tackle climate change. It's based on a Depression-era program that changed the landscape across the country. We talk with climate activist who are biking across Pennsylvania to demand action.
One protestor holds a sign reading "Water is life, don't frack it up." A woman standing next to him holds a sign that reads, "Deny all nominations."

Episode for September 22, 2023

At a contentious meeting, an Ohio commission delayed a vote to approve fracking under state parks. A production about fossil fuel extraction is headed to western Pennsylvania. “Ezell, Ballad of a Land Man” delves into the complex issues of fracking and belonging. We talk with its writer and a local advocate about why it resonates with our region. Plus, we head to an orchard in Mercer County using regenerative farming techniques like spreading manure from local goats. And we stop at the first-ever Pittsburgh County Fair celebrating urban farming. 
Nevin Welte standing on a small boat in the Allegheny River.

Episode for September 15, 2023

Groups say proposals to use fracked natural gas to produce hydrogen in Western Pennsylvania pose health and climate risks. An investigation in Ohio alleges that many people whose names are on public comments in favor of fracking in state parks say they did not submit them. We'll also hear from an author who revisited the Youghiogheny River of his youth to find some changes for the better. Plus, the federal government wants to put the salamander mussel on the endangered species list. We revisit a story that joins researchers surveying the Allegheny River for the mudpuppy salamander that's critical for the mussel's survival.