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Containers lined up in rows

Episode for March 17, 2023

Spring starts on March 20, but for many places, spring has been here for a while. How does that impact nature?  We have the story of one family in East Palestine who isn't sure if their home or water is safe. We talk with U.S. EPA's onsite coordinator there, who breaks down how the government is monitoring chemical pollution. We have news about U.S. Steel, Shell's ethane cracker, and proposed federal rules for PFAS in drinking water.
White Oak

Episode for March 10, 2023

People in East Palestine want to know if their homes are polluted by long-lasting chemicals called dioxins from the train derailment last month. We'll also hear from residents near the derailment site who are finding the investments they've made in their homes are worth a lot less after the crash. Plus, an environmental group is trying to stop the U.S. Forest Service from clear cutting a section of national forest to promote the growth of white oak trees.
EPA air quality monitor

Episode for March 3, 2023

We have updates on the train derailment in East Palestine, where many people are deeply skeptical of officials who say it is safe to return to their homes. Meanwhile, Republican politicians are walking a fine line in East Palestine: showing concern for residents without being seen as liberal environmentalists. EPA orders Norfolk Southern to test for dioxins. Plus, the Bearded Ladies Cabaret tackles climate change with a comedy show in drag, on ice.