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5 people in waders stand at the edge of a lake

Episode for May 24, 2024

This week we talk to entomologist and author Doug Tallamy, who wants people to ditch half of their manicured grass in favor of native plants to feed bees and other pollinators. His goal is for half of the 40 million acres of lawn in the U.S. to be replanted with native species in what he calls the "Home Grown National Park." We'll also visit a special bog habitat in eastern Pennsylvania that was formed in the ice age. Plus, we join researchers at Presque Isle State Park who are looking for an invasive snail that has gained a foothold in Lake Erie. New research reveals how fireflies are faring in the eastern U.S. We have news about the Allegheny County Clean Air Fund and a new training effort for energy efficiency jobs.
A sign about riparian zones in front of a watery wooded area

Episode for May 17, 2024

A new film focuses on invasive species in some of Pennsylvania's pristine waters. The executive producer talks about how people can help keep invasives at bay. Also, a Superfund site in the woods of Bucks County won an environmental award. It's one of Pennsylvania's last remaining coastal plain forests. As wedding season approaches, we look at ways to create an earth-friendly celebration. And new coke oven rules are expected to be finalized soon. We report on how they could impact U.S. Steel's Allegheny County facilities. We have news about Pittsburgh Regional Transit's climate plan, installation of lead-filtering water fountains at Pittsburgh schools, problems along the Mountain Valley Pipeline and more.
An tray of operating equipment.

Episode for May 10, 2024

This week, we have a special show about how people interact with wildlife and other animals. Our first story look at what happens when urban and suburban deer populations get out of hand. Some cities and towns opt for bow hunting or bring in sharpshooters. But one community went another way: sterilizing female deer. Plus, a new book looks animals that can be classified as post-natural - those living things that have been intentionally altered by people, through domestication, selective breeding and genetic engineering. We have news about a bill passed by the Pa. Senate that would let energy companies bypass state agencies when securing a permit to build. The Maryland National Guard dropped plans to fly fighter jets just 100 feet above the ground in an area known as the Pennsylvania Wilds.