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Flight 93 Visitor's Center

Episode for September 10, 2021

The challenges of preserving the sacred ground at the Flight 93 National Memorial and the efforts to treat water pollution that plagued the site long before the plane crashed there on 9/11. A look back as a naturalist searched for reassurance in nature on September 12. We dig into the recent decision by a federal judge to throw out a Trump rule that stripped protections for many streams and wetlands.
running buffalo clover

Episode for September 3, 2021

A little clover makes a big move off the Endangered Species list. What some labor unions want in a clean energy economy. We'll also talk to the engineer tasked with making sure fossil fuel communities aren't left behind. Plus, Pa. is a step closer to putting a price on carbon. News about fracking waste and the Clean Water Act.

Episode for August 27, 2021

The wonder and peril of bird migration with author Scott Weidensaul. Teaching computer models to identify birdsong to aid in conservation. The Department of Energy listens to community perspectives on the ethane and petrochemical industries. News about the Falcon pipeline and climate education in Pa. schools.