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Shell's ethane cracker

Episode for October 7, 2022

We answer your questions about the impact of Shell's ethane cracker on the region's jobs, property values, and of course, air pollution. Meanwhile, the state health department is funding the University of Pittsburgh to study the impacts of fracking on health, but both groups pulled out of a public meeting about the work. We'll also hear about a nature preserve in Wyoming County that's now one of three new Pennsylvania parks.
Judy Wanchism

Episode for September 30, 2022

In dozens of Pennsylvania towns, underground steam systems that heat buildings could be re-vamped to be powered by renewable energy. But there's competition: cheaper natural gas. We'll also hear from President Biden's climate envoy about what it will take to meet climate change goals. Plus, a new documentary tells the story of a small, rural town trying to keep a fracking waste injection well out of its community to preserve its drinking water and save a rare salamander. News about PFAS in fracking wastewater in Ohio.
oak staves

Episode for September 23, 2022

This week, we learn about why white oak trees are in trouble and the lawsuit over a plan to cut them down in the Wayne National Forest. We also talk about the underground network that connects trees in forests. Plus, the story of a hunter who discovered a full-grown American chestnut tree in a Delaware forest. News about a global clean energy conference in Pittsburgh, pipelines, and spotted lanternflies.