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Episode for August 16, 2019

President Trump visits the Shell ethane cracker to tout his energy and economic policies. The secretary of the California EPA talks about Trump's roll back of fuel efficiency standards. PFAS contamination is likely at the Pittsburgh International Airport. Climate activists take stock after a tree falls on their car. Pennsylvanians support taxing gas drillers to pay for infrastructure upgrades.

Episode for August 9, 2019

A conservation group is working to keep purple martins in our region, but loss of habitat, invasive species and now climate change threaten the bird. A pioneering mussel researcher reflects on her career trying to save this freshwater animal.  A study links fracking with anxiety and depression in pregnant women. Climate change will cause people to have to leave their homes. We have the story of two brothers.

Episode for August 2, 2019

Some hope a shutdown of an oil refinery can be an example of a just transition that benefits workers, community and environment. A new book tells the story of a clean energy pioneer trying to get wind power to where it's needed most. We fact-checked President Trump's environmental claims. The community sounds off on a clean air settlement with U.S. Steel.