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Kathryn Reilly and her daughter Madeline live in Crofton, Maryland where cicadas have emerged in large numbers. They are currently ranked 7th on the Cicada Safari leaderboard. Photo: Kathryn Reilly

Episode for May 14, 2021

Billions of Brood X cicadas are emerging! Learn how to go on a Cicada Safari. A local artist is creating a portal to an underground stream. How U.S. Steel's decision to drop a $2 billion upgrade will impact air quality and the economy in Allegheny County. What West Virginia's New River Gorge can expect this summer and beyond.

Episode for May 7, 2021

Branding gas as "responsibly sourced" by cutting methane leaks. A fight is brewing over another source of methane, the meat and dairy industry. Climate change report predicts more heatwaves, floods, and droughts in Pennsylvania's future. Choosing native plants helps create more habitat for birds and bugs.

Episode for April 30, 2021

The efforts to get farmers the mental health resources they need. Pittsburgh mayoral candidates have some similarities and many differences on the environment. Pa. GOP is trying to stop Gov. Wolf from joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. U.S. Steel reneges on a promise to upgrade its polluting Mon Valley Works. How to build your own trap for invasive lanternflies.