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Episode for August 7, 2020

An alleged bribery scandal at the highest levels of Ohio politics produced a clean air bill that benefitted nuclear and coal plants over wind and solar energy. Plus, how important are environmental issues for voters as they head to the polls in November? And a one-of-a-kind prairie habitat in Pennsylvania is home to an endangered rattlesnake and a lot of wildflowers.
Grangemouth refinery

Episode for July 31, 2020

Following Pennsylvania shale gas to Scotland, where ethane is being make into plastic. We also delve into the Scottish fracking debate and how they're dealing with plastic pollution. News about a green stimulus plan for Pennsylvania and reimagining Appalachia with a clean, sustainable future for all. 
McCown's longspur

Episode for July 24, 2020

Changing bird names tied to racism and colonialism. What recent court rulings against major pipelines mean for "energy dominance," the environment and Indigenous rights. A trip to Ice Mountain in West Virginia where rare plants grow and cool air seeps out of ice vents deep in the rocks.