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There is a metal, circular tag nailed into the hemlock tree. Theofanous has one hand on the tree, looking off into the distance.

Episode for July 12, 2024

Just over a year ago, the largest coal-fired power plant in Pennsylvania closed. For some, it's been hard to accept. We'll visit Homer City to hear how it's going. A US Supreme Court decision to put a cross-state air pollution rule on hold could impact clean air in Pennsylvania. And, we tag along with a crew trying to save hemlock trees from an invasive pest. Plus a new report outlines ways to keep kids playing outside in the warmer months. As fossil fuel production has gone up in the U.S., greenhouse gas emissions have gone down as, except in the region that includes Pennsylvania. The miles of trails along Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers have a significant economic impact.

Episode for July 5, 2024

Commercial fisheries in the Great Lakes hope to follow an example set in Iceland. It calls for using every part of the fish to increase the value of each one caught while decreasing waste.  And, Central Pennsylvania is one of the best places for fly fishing, but there is a need to protect its prized streams from farm pollution. Plus, as coyotes move into cities, we have to face our myths about them. Also, Pennsylvania American Water will not pay a state penalty for polluting Roaring Brook and the Lackawanna River while the company was rehabbing a more than 150-year-old dam near Scranton. Instead, the utility company will put money back into the community.
A plume of black smoke behind a small house in a rural setting.

Episode for June 28, 2024

The National Transportation Safety Board approved its investigative findings into last year's train derailment in East Palestine. It issued recommendations on rail safety and emergency response, criticizing Norfolk Southern for keeping critical information away from responders. Former workers at an oil refinery in Philadelphia remember the fire and explosion five years ago that shuttered the plant. Plus, giant wood sculptures at a botanic garden help visitors understand the bees and other pollinators that live among us. We have news about pollution from gas stoves, another mishap at the Mountain Valley Pipeline, a new director of the Allegheny County Health Department and a debate in the state legislature about renewable energy goals.