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Episode for January 17, 2020

The Trump administration's policies couldn’t keep the largest privately-held coal company from bankruptcy. A new report details impacts from coal mining, while state park officials say they can't keep up with maintenance needs. Plus, living on a Lake Erie island.

Episode for January 10, 2020

A study shows thousands of lives saved from switching from coal to natural gas for power. An update on air quality in Pittsburgh and a settlement with U.S. Steel. A proposed rule by EPA would limit the kinds of scientific studies used to create environmental and public health regulations. Our Good River series about the Ohio River continues.

Episode for January 3, 2020

We revisit some of our biggest stories of 2019: 40th anniversary of the partial meltdown at Three Mile Island and links to thyroid cancer; environmental investigations involving the fracking boom; and a court order not publish the details of a sealed agreement between a gas driller and residents of Washington County. Plus, PFAS contamination of drinking water including private wells.