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Squirrel glowing pink on a tree

Episode for May 26, 2023

If you shine a black light on a southern flying squirrel, it glows pink. But why? We dive into the questions about biofluorescent animals. Plus, we'll hear about how researchers are using a program trained to identify bird species from hours of birdsong recorded in the forest. It's helping in forest and bird conservation. Plus, a $10 million fine for Shell for air pollution violations at its Beaver County ethane cracker and news about the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.
A black and white animation of smoke stacks is projected on a large brick wall above a stage

Episode for May 19, 2023

After a coal-fired power plant closed, people gathered at a public performance to memorialize what it meant to the community. And, we talk with The Incline about a seven-newsroom collaboration that examines air pollution and misinformation in southwestern Pennsylvania. Plus, researchers are looking at how drinking water from private wells might increase the risk of illness among children. News about federal proposals to curb pollution from power plants and leaks from pipelines.
Shell ethane cracker pollution

Episode for May 12, 2023

Shell's ethane cracker in Beaver County has gotten off to a rocky start, with excessive emissions and reported odors. Now, some supporters are not questioning if Shell can be a good neighbor. And a new book looks at the opportunities and challenges of reducing our exposure to chemicals to reduce cancer risk. Plus, energy efficiency programs that are climate- and budget-friendly. The "Dirty Dozen" list of big climate polluters in Pennsylvania is out.