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Justin Webb

Episode for June 24, 2022

Will a new regulation that curbs air pollution in the Mon Valley give residents more clean air days? And, a new study shows black lung disease in younger coal miners is caused by silica dust. A discussion on the catastrophe that coal has left behind. Plus, a look at what could make agriculture a more sustainable job choice in the future. 
Twin Stupas

Episode for June 17, 2022

We visit a property in Butler County that was once plagued by acid mine drainage, but now it’s a paradise for migrating birds and art. We also talk with the author of a new bird guide that's for enthusiasts and beginners alike. Plus, a massive new proposal to build an LNG plant along the Delaware faces environmental justice concerns.

Episode for June 10, 2022

It's been years in the planning and building stages. Now, Shell's ethane cracker along the Ohio River is finally going online this summer. This week, we're talking to people in the communities surrounding the massive plant -- from neighbors who are fearful of pollution to others who are hopeful for new jobs. And, how one activist is looking to protect public health while others are preparing to keep an eye on the Ohio for plastic pollution from the plant.
Khadijah Bey

Episode for June 3, 2022

Pittsburgh is helping residents prepare for a rainier future. And community advocates want racist housing policies taken into account when planning for green infrastructure. Plus, the author of a new book says facing our emotions about the climate crisis is just as important as taking action.
native garden bed

Episode for May 27, 2022

Conservationists are working hard to save a plant so rare, few have ever seen it. And entomologist Doug Tallamy wants people to ditch half of their manicured, green lawn in favor of native plants to feed bees and other pollinators. We'll also meet members of a garden group who are gently encouraging people to retire their lawnmowers.
Student climate strike

Episode for May 20, 2022

We examine why the climate crisis is causing increased cases of anxiety. We also talk with a psychologist about managing those fears and moving towards solutions. And, how to help farmers who struggle with mental health issues. Plus, air pollution news for Allegheny County.
mice specimens

Episode for May 13, 2022

Animal specimens at museums give researchers important clues about the environment. But these collections are at risk. We also talk with an author about an intersectional approach to environmentalism. And residents and activists don't think new rules go far enough to address air pollution from the Clairton Coke Works.
Anthony Longo and Bonnie McGill

Episode for May 6, 2022

We discuss where the candidates for governor and US Senate stand on the environment. Federal infrastructure money is headed to Pa. for mass transit, but how to best spend it?  Plus, a company wants to use water from a trout stream to frack. And a little love for plants. 
Götz Veser and James McKone

Episode for April 29, 2022

Hydrogen has been seen as the clean fuel of the future for decades. Now, a new effort is pushing for southwestern Pa. to become a "hydrogen hub." A new kind of pipeline would be needed to transport CO2 for storage underground, but a report warns of the dangers of these pipelines and a lack of federal oversight. Plus, the ivory-billed woodpecker, rediscovered.
Blue Plastic Grocery Bag

Episode for April 22, 2022

More cities and towns, like Pittsburgh, are banning single-use plastic bags in stores and restaurants. But do they work? We speak with an author of a book about the first Earth Day who says it was the inclusion of all types of people that was truly genius. Plus, news about methane, bird flu and the Chesapeake Bay.