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Episode for December 8, 2017

This week on The Allegheny Front, bed & breakfasts and outfitters are starting to fill an economic void in communities, as other industries disappear. Plus, environmentalists protest the Trump administration's move to cancel the plan that reduces carbon emissions from power plants. And, The Department of Energy has proposed a plan to keep coal and nuclear plants from shutting down -- by shifting costs to ratepayers. 

Episode for December 1, 2017

This week on The Allegheny Front, coal miners keep their faith in the Trump administration. Plus, a Pennsylvania family who leased their land for gas drilling wonders if their water was contaminated by fracking. And, some say humans are creating a distinct geologic epoch. A new museum exhibit looks at what that means for the future of the planet.

Episode for November 24, 2017

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke likes to compare himself to Teddy Roosevelt, the father of the modern conservation movement. But Zinke is making headlines for rolling back land protections. This week on a special Allegheny Front, Teddy Roosevelt, Ryan Zinke and the philosophy behind our public lands.

Episode for November 17, 2017

This week on The Allegheny Front, we taste a plant-based burger made to fool meat-lovers. And we’ll travel to the Great Lakes for the wild rice harvest. Plus, how to reach across the aisle while you’re reaching for the stuffing.

Episode for November 10, 2017

This week on The Allegheny Front, a new book uses Pittsburgh as the model for a sustainable future. Plus, new reporting on a very old, entrenched issue. And, the creature that is literally sucking the life out of fish in the Great Lakes. 

Episode for November 3, 2017

In this episode, factoring climate change into the infrastructure equation. And, a group of activists demand health officials rein in air pollution from one of the region's biggest polluters. Plus, connecting the dots between a town's air quality and low student academic achievement.
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