Prove your humanity

UPDATE: Since this story ran in July 2015, Steve Choder and Jody Noble Choder have closed down their houseboat business.

If one is good, two is better. That’s how Steve Choder describes how he and his wife, Jody, ended up with two houseboats instead of just one. Truth be told, he’s always had a love of houseboats and purchased the second boat in secret. But Jody didn’t seem to mind. Their life now—which involves running a two-boat houseboat bed and breakfast at their home on the Allegheny River—beats the heck out of their previous lives in corporate America. And Pittsburghers are apparently glad they took the leap too. Their floating hotel is becoming a favorite staycation spot for city dwellers looking to reconnect with the magic of the Three Rivers.

LISTEN: “A Houseboat Escape on Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers”


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