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This winter has been warmer than usual, but gray and gloomy, even for our area. However, that isn’t an excuse to stay inside. Producer Andy Kubis, determined to squeeze some joy out of this cold season, headed out for a winter hike with Gabi Hughes, an environmental educator at Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve, north of Pittsburgh. Their aim: To find out what there is to see, and hear, in nature this time of year.

And if you want to go on a naturalist-led (free) winter hike, there are lots of options

  • Beechwood Nature Reserve: Every Wedndesday at 9am
  • Succop Nature Park: Every Thursday at 9am
  • Todd Nature Reserve: Every Friday at 9am
  • And on Saturday, February 8th, Moraine State Park is holding a Winter Fest which includes guided winter hikes. 



Top photo and all photos in the map by Andy Kubis.