Prove your humanity

This story was first published on May 18, 2018.

More than 2 million people work in energy efficiency across the United States. It makes up the largest sector of the nation’s clean energy workforce.

Virginia McGrath has held one of these jobs for three years. She’s an energy auditor for Pittsburgh’s Conservation Consultants Incorporated.

“I think the energy efficiency field has made a transition,” she says. “Instead of saving energy and saving money, we’re talking about making a home safer and more comfortable. I think that resonates with people more.”

McGrath inspects all sorts of homes — from ones more than a century old to new ones. Lately, she has spent a lot of time working in a subdivision near Mars, a borough in Butler County.

Listen to McGrath share her story as she inspects one of these newly built houses:


This story comes to us from Voices of Energy, that cuts through the rhetoric surrounding energy to feature people who work in all aspects of the industry. It is produced in partnership with StateImpact Pennsylvania, a collaboration among The Allegheny Front, WESA, WITF and WHYY.