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This week on The Allegheny Front, fish, birds and mussels get their own business plan in Pennsylvania. Plus, big eaters cause nearly half the carbon footprint of food. And, there’s a storm brewing over the Trump administration’s proposal to expand drilling off of America’s coasts.

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  • Jersey shore Trump’s Next Frontier - The Trump administration wants to open up nearly all of the country's oceans to oil drilling. So what will this mean for communities that depend on the coast for their livelihood? And what will it mean for our oceans? Will they become the site of the next great oil rush?
  • Big Eaters Cause Nearly Half the Carbon Footprint of Food - The study points out that if those big eaters - 20% of Americans - changed their diets to match the average American, we’d save the carbon equivalent of 661 million vehicle miles every day.
  • Fish, Birds and Mussels Get Their Own Business Plan in Pennsylvania - Western Pennsylvania has rich biodiversity and large chunks of forests, but looming threats. A new effort will prioritize funding to save wildlife like brook trout and golden-winged warblers in key regions to restore forests and waterways.
  • In Pennsylvania, Unions Throw Political Weight Behind Natural Gas - The natural gas industry has turned to organized labor to build large infrastructure projects. And while that’s been good for unions, industry critics say that could be bad for Pennsylvania.