Prove your humanity

This week on The Allegheny Front, we’re revisiting stories from our environmental health reporting over the last year. From fracking to urban sustainability, these are stories from our Hazardous to Your Health series–looking at pollution in Pittsburgh’s communities–and solutions to those problems.

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Stories in this episode

  • Black Urban Gardeners Bring Healing to Homewood - The physical act of gardening has been shown to have a positive impact on health. One Pittsburgh organization is carrying on the tradition of black farmers by bringing gardening and holistic healing to a community they say could really use it.
  • city How Cities Are Planning to Survive Climate Change - Federal action on climate change has stalled, but there are places in America where it is still being taken seriously -- cities.
  • The Healthy Benefits of Neighborhood Greenspace - In urban neighborhoods, trees could prove to be more than just a nicety, but a necessity, when it comes to people’s health.
  • DEP Suspends All Construction on Mariner East 2 Pipeline - DEP directed the company to submit details on how it plans to prevent drilling mud spills – or “inadvertent returns” – that have challenged the project in their dozens since construction began last February.
  • Is Fracking an Environmental Justice Issue? - Pennsylvania’s environmental justice program was created before the state’s fracking boom began. So none of the state’s more than 10,000 shale gas wells were ever subject to it. Some environmentalists think it’s time that changes.