Prove your humanity

In this episode, a Pittsburgh advocacy group draws attention to the mistreatment of urban wildlife. Also, an Ohio city is repurposing a closed highway into public green space for a marginalized community and one Chicago neighborhood is mitigating the risk of climate change-induced flooding.

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Stories in this episode

  • The Gross Gatherings: A Climate Fight on Chicago’s South Side - Cheryl Watson lives in the house where she grew up and doesn’t want to leave. But regular and relentless flooding, exacerbated by climate change, is destroying her home. She lives in the Chatham neighborhood, a place long known as the jewel of Chicago’s South Side. Back in the 1950s, when Watson was a little girl, […]
  • Turning Trash into Art to Save Urban Wildlife - Pittsburgh group Scrap the Trap commissioned street artist Bordalo II to create this raccoon piece, made from trash, to draw attention to their cause: more humane treatment of urban wildlife.
  • One City is Transforming a Highway into a “Pop-Up Forest” - When highways and other old infrastructure are no longer needed, cities around the country are finding innovative new uses. Akron, Ohio is temporarily turning its underused Innerbelt into a "pop-up forest."
  • New Database Shows Pollutants in Most Public Water Systems - A new national database released Wednesday by the Environmental Working Group shines a light on water quality across the U.S. The database allows users to search by zip code or their local water utility name– aggregating information from nearly 50,000 public water systems. “There is no federal organization that pulls together all these results for the […]