Prove your humanity

This week we begin a new series, Hazardous to Your Health. We’ll visit two communities near Pittsburgh–each with a history of industrial pollution. And we’ll talk with the people who live there about how their attitudes toward nearby Coke plants–and their emissions–are changing.


Stories in this episode

  • U.S. Steel Clairton Coke Works Can a Town Prove That Its Health Problems Are Caused by Pollution? - Clairton sits in the shadow of US Steel's massive Clairton Coke Works. There's a growing concern among residents that the plant's emissions are causing asthma and cancer. But can a town prove that pollution is causing its health problems?
  • CMU Scientists Help Clairton Residents Find Out What’s In Their Air - A research team at Carnegie Mellon is one year into a three-year project to help people in the Pittsburgh region learn more about pollutants they’re exposed to through the air. It’s funded through the EPA’s Air Pollution Monitoring for Communities program, and it was one of only six projects funded throughout the country.
  • What Happens When You Start Worrying That the Air is Making You Sick? - The Clairton Coke plant - the largest in the country - has become something of a lightening rod in this community. And the town is full of people who are new to understanding what's going on and becoming active for the first time. Meet three of them.