Prove your humanity

In this episode, on the prowl with two of our area’s best orchid hunters. And we dig into what what Trump’s EPA budget cuts mean for Pennsylvania. 

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Stories in this episode

  • The Red State Paradox - Who are the people who gave Trump their votes? And where does their vision for the environment come from?
  • On the Hunt for Wild Orchids - West Virginia is one of the best places around to find wild orchids. A couple of local enthusiasts even discovered a rare orchid there. "Some people play golf, we did North American orchids."
  • Suriname River Alcoa Leaves a Dirty Legacy - The small country of Suriname learns about the curse of resource extraction as Alcoa moves out.
  • The Emerging Demand for “Greener” Aluminum - Alcoa is officially moving its headquarters back to Pittsburgh at a time when worldwide sales of aluminum are on the rise. But can the industry meet the demand for “greener” aluminum?
  • Report: Proposed EPA Budget Cuts Will Impact Waste Cleanup in PA - Pennsylvania received more than $51 million in EPA grants to cleanup brownfields and Superfund sites over the last five years. But those funds are now in jeopardy.