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Over a dozen breweries in North Central Pennsylvania collaborated to create a bright, tropical and citrusy hazy IPA.

“Someone said ‘Well for me every trail ends with a beer.’ Why not tie those two together, and they do it so naturally,” said Britt Madera, communications manager for the PA Wilds Center.

New Trail Brewing Company in Williamsport collaborated with 17 breweries to create “The Wilds Are Calling” Hazy IPA. A portion of the beer sales goes back to the Wilds Center. The nonprofit works to strengthen communities in 12 and a half counties that make up the PA Wilds through conservation and economic development.

The beer hit the shelves last month. It’s available at New Trail, the partner breweries and other retail locations within the PA Wilds.

The Wilds is a state-designated conservation landscape that contains the largest concentration of public land in Pennsylvania. Only 4% of the state’s population live in the region.

“It’s the biggest green space between Chicago and New York,” said Hannah Brock, conservation shop and licensing manager.

Creating a beer takes not only hops and mash but also water. Seventy percent of Pennsylvania’s headwaters begin in the PA Wilds, said Madera.

“So to know that this brew is truly locally rooted in the PA Wilds from its very most basic element is incredible,” she said, adding. “The collaboration that took place between all of these breweries is something to be celebrated in and of itself.”

Don Rieck from New Trail said they chose a hazy IPA for two reasons: it’s one of the fastest-selling styles of craft beer and they also specialize in that style of beer.

Madera said the brewery and the center’s missions align.

“They’re not just interested in making beer that appeals to people that love the great outdoors, but also want to give back,” Brock added.

New Trails brand is built on outdoor adventure and outdoor recreation.

“We knew that we couldn’t do any of the things that we wanted to do without healthy forests, healthy water, just overall healthy land,” said Rieck.

New Trail is committed to preserving the wild wonders of Pennsylvania.

“It’s where we live. It’s where we choose to make our beer. It’s where we choose to sell our beer,” said Rieck.

Williamsport in Lycoming County is the southern gateway to the PA Wilds.

“We love it here,” he said. “So we want to share that with everybody.”

Breweries that contributed to “The Wilds Are Calling” Hazy IPA, include:

  • Bald Birds Brewing of Jersey Shore
  • Bent Run Brewing and Wicked Warren’s, both from Warren
  • Boom City Brewing, Bullfrog Brewery, John Ryan Brewery, Riepstine’s Pub & Brewery and Rosko’s Brew House, all of Williamsport
  • Boxcar Brew Works of DuBois
  • Bradford Brew Station of Bradford
  • Clarion River Brewing Company and Mechanistic Brewing, both of Clarion
  • Floating Feathers Brewing Co. of Mill Hall
  • Lost in the Wilds Brewing of Shippenville
  • Robinhood Brewing of Bellefonte
  • Therapy Brewing of Montoursville
  • Yorkholo Brewing Co. of Mansfield