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This Week, Outside #1: First Snow & the Chipmunk I Dug Up


Much of Pennsylvania saw its first real snow of the year this week. Props to Nature Boi Pic Flair for this killer freeze frame of the first flakes.


Though the pre-snow night sky near Pocono Lake was just as epic.

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And before you go complaining about the cold, remember that this happens in Pennsylvania.

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Photographed near Mill Hall, Pennsylvania


And this.

Photographed at Hickory Run State Park


And really? It’s already time for this?

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But this piglet at the Goat Rodeo Farm & Dairy near Pittsburgh was taking it all in stride.


As was this hibernating Pennsylvania chipmunk who accidentally got dug up, kept right on sleeping, and is going to be seriously confused when he wakes up in the cozy spot this guy found for him in an abandoned barn.

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Though this polar bear at the Philadelphia Zoo was feeling seriously left out.


But as we all know, Pennsylvania winter has a way of messing with your best laid plans.

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Photographed in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania


So best just suit up and find a way to enjoy it. It could be a long one.

Photographed at Big Boulder Park, Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania


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