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July 18-24, 2014

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Climate Change Keeps Allergy Sufferers Sneezing

If even hearing the word “ragweed” makes your eyes water, you might be one the nearly 45 million Americans with seasonal allergies. And allergists say the number of people with sensitivities to ragweed and other plants is growing. Our series on the local impacts of climate change continues, with a look at how higher temperatures are fueling the rise in allergies and asthma.  

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The Risky Business of Climate Change

The economy could face significant disruptions from climate change, according to the new report "Risky Business: The Economic Risks of Climate Change in the United States."  This report was released by the California think tank called Next Generation and analyzes business risks down to the county level.

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Commonwealth Court Throws Out Some Challenges to Act 13

Pennsylvania doctors have nothing to worry about when it comes to the so-called “gag order” on chemical exposures from oil and gas drilling. That’s the message from the Commonwealth Court in a much-anticipated ruling on provisions of the state’s two-year-old oil and gas law.

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Coalition Battles Mine Site Near Kanawha State Forest

West Virginia's Kanawha State Forest is home to hiking and biking trails, campsites and a shooting range. But just a few hundred acres away, the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection has approved a mountain top removal mine site. A coalition is working to highlight the potential impacts of the mine on residents, and to plant and animal life in the forest.

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Fracking and Groundwater Contamination? It's Complicated

In one Pennsylvania town, locals say gas drilling ruined their water. But the state has said drilling had nothing to do with the bad water. What happened? Scientists are still trying to figure it out. This is the latest part of our series 'Exposures.'

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Summertime Firsts: Roasting Marshmallows

Camping is one of the pleasures of the warmer months. For little people it can mean a lot of firsts: the first time sleeping in a tent, and hanging by a campfire. A couple of years ago, the Allegheny Front's Julie Grant and her then 3-year-old daughter joined their friends Aviva Gold and Steve Dilger and their 3-year-old daughter for the girls' first experience roasting marshmallows.

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