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July 31, 2015-August 6, 2015

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The Buzz is Building Over 'Other' Bees

So if the honeybeepocalypse happens tomorrow, is it time to panic? Not necessarily. Researchers say other bee species could help pick up the slack.

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Analysis: Gov. John Kasich on the Environment

It's official: Ohio Governor John Kasich is running for president. We dig into his sometimes enigmatic record on the environment.

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Are Your Tattoos Locally Sourced?

At one Pittsburgh tattoo shop, they're taking the 'buy local' thing to the next level.

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Fall Migration Could Bring Avian Flu to the East

So far, flocks in Pennsylvania and Ohio have avoided the disease. But experts say the fall bird migration could bring avian flu our way.

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Bird Files: The Spotted Sandpiper's Secret

While other shorebirds can be difficult to identify, the handsome "spotties" are distinctive in their looks. They also have intriguing social lives.

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EPA Ordered to Relax Cross-State Air Pollution Rule

It’s back to the drawing board for the EPA in its efforts to prevent cross-state air pollution.

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