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October 24-30, 2014

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Where Fracking Waste Spills, Concern for Groundwater

A gas company recently got slapped with a record fine after fracking wastewater leaked out of storage ponds in Pennsylvania. What’s in this wastewater, and what happens when it gets on the ground? Communities around drill sites and scientists are asking those questions.

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Air Pollution and Autism Connected in Pitt Research

Researchers think they’ve found a link between prenatal and early childhood exposure to air pollution and autism. The University of Pittsburgh study's findings are considered preliminary.

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Bird Files: Halloween Owl Visitor to PA a Frightening Predator

The smallest owl in the Eastern United States, the Northern Saw-whet, is literally the size of a pint glass: a mere 7 inches in height. While Saw-whets are cute, they're frighteningly good predators.

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Commentary: What Our Primal Fear Might Sound Like

When writer Seamus McGraw's wife woke him to hear a chilling sound in the woods, it got him thinking about something else that might be too terrifying to imagine.

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Seeking a Sharing Economy to Serve Diversity

How do we develop a sharing economy that respects the environment and diverse communities? Antwi Akom, an environmental sociologist who spoke in Pittsburgh for the Green Building Alliance's Inspire Speakers Series, talks about how to get it right.

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PA Governor Candidates on CO2 Cap and Trade

When Pennsylvanians elect a governor in November, they will, in part, be making a choice over how the state should move toward complying with new EPA rules to curb carbon emissions from power plants. One way is by joining with other states in a cap and trade program.

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