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October 17-23, 2014

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Turning Frack Water into Profit Proves a Challenge

The oil and gas industry produces a high volume of very dirty water.  It goes by various names—flowback, produced water, or brine. That water has to go somewhere, like down an injection well. But a lot of businesses think they have the technology to actually clean it up. That’s a bigger task than it might seem and some doubt whether cleaning up frack water will ever be a moneymaker.

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Group Says PA Legislature Votes Harm Air and Water

Environmentalists in Pennsylvania aren't pleased with the end of the state legislative session. Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future says bills approved this week would harm the state's ability to comply with Obama's clean power plan, and undermine cleanup of the state's waterways.

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Climate Marchers Converge with Local Fracking Activists

In Washington, D.C., next month, environmentalists with the Great March for Climate Action, who've made their way across the country, are planning to pressure the Obama administration to stop using fossil fuels. The protesters just came through Ohio and Pennsylvania, and met up with local fracking activists.

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Bird Files: Yellow-rumped Warbler a Smart Forager

If someone calls you a butter-butt, that may sound like an insult. But it turns out that the butter-butt, the colloquial name for the Yellow-rumped Warbler, is one smart cookie. We let you in on the strategic eating habits of this little warbler.

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Scientists Try to Save Hemlock Trees in WV Swamp

For the past several decades hemlock trees across the east coast have become home to an invasive insect that is leaving their host-trees dead in the ground. Efforts to manage the blight continue deep in a Preston County, West Virginia swamp.

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