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August 15-21, 2014

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On Public Land, a Gas Company Takes Private Control

A state court is set to decide if more natural gas leasing can occur in Pennsylvania’s public forests. So far, much of the debate has focused on impacts to plants and animals. But some gas companies have been blocking people from accessing public roads and forests.

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Report: DEP Fails to Consider Health Impacts of Shale

Earthworks, an environmental advocacy group, charges that the state’s Department of Environmental Protection left many Marcellus wells uninspected, doesn't consider health impacts of shale gas, and prioritized speedy permitting over enforcement. The DEP says the report is biased and relies on old data.

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State Responds to Seed Library Controversy

Recent headlines might make you think twice about sharing seeds in Pennsylvania. Some have warned, "Seed Libraries Outlawed in Pennsylvania." News articles call the state agriculture department zealous regulators, and comments say they're stomping out local food diversity. But the state says these stories are just plain wrong.

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Bird Files: Spotted Sandpiper's Secret

Our latest Bird Files segment takes a look at the Spotted Sandpiper. While other shorebirds can be difficult to identify, the handsome "spotties" are distinctive in their looks. They also have intriguing social lives.

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Gov Watcher Turns 'Frack Fic' Writer

Fiction writers have begun to delve into the world of unconventional oil and gas—and maybe a new sub-genre is in the making—fracking fiction, or “frack fic” for short. One of the writers pioneering this new genre is James Browning, author of “The Fracking King.”

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EPA Faulted for Failing to Regulate Fracking with Diesel

A new report reveals natural gas drillers could be using diesel to frack wells without the mandated federal permits. Unlike other chemicals used in gas drilling, Congress requires extensive oversight if diesel is present.

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