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September 19-25, 2014

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Locals Seek Control at Fracking Waste Wells

As Ohio quickly becomes a go-to destination for the nation's fracking waste, some people worry about earthquakes and water contamination. They argue the state has taken away their authority to decide whether injection wells should be allowed.

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Pittsburgher Heads to NYC Climate Change March

Pittsburgh resident Warwick Powell will join a sea of marchers in New York City this weekend to raise awareness about climate change. The People's Climate March will coincide with the 2014 U.N. Climate Summit.

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Corbett Officials Ordered DCNR to Drop Climate References from Website

In early 2012, the Corbett administration ordered the words ‘climate change’ deleted from several sections of the state’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources website.

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Post Office Workers Turn Empty Lawn Into Garden for the Needy

What if you could save yourself time at work, cut carbon emissions and help feed the needy all at once? That's exactly what workers at Pittsburgh's Main Post Office are doing with a garden on the grounds.

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Black-throated Green Warbler a Little Sinatra

For the bird enthusiast, the two simple words ‘wood warblers’ evoke flashes of fiery reds, luminescent yellows, and opalescent blues. Warblers are also quite the little Sinatras, and the Black-throated Green Warbler could be the most musical of all.

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House Panel Examines How Obama’s Climate Plan Will Affect Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania state House committee is looking into how newly proposed federal rules to cut carbon emissions and combat climate change will affect the state’s energy industries.

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Despite Improvement, Pittsburgh Region Losing the Race for Cleaner Air

Southwestern Pennsylvania's air still ranks among the worst in the nation despite being visibly cleaner than during our "smoky city" days. At issue is whether the region has grown tolerant of substandard air, and this question: Is better good enough?

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Dept. of Fracking: Three Studies Examine Drilling Risks

A slate of recently released scientific studies show what aspects of natural gas development are of concern to the environment and public health, and what aspects might not be.

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