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March 27-April 2, 2015

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In Kentucky, A Prairie Made by Coal

Coal is in a long decline in Central Appalachia. Coal mining jobs are disappearing there—but the imprint of coal on the landscape is everywhere. More than a million acres of strip-mined land—an area the size of Rhode Island—are now deforested.

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iSeeChange Partners Track Signs of an Unpredictable Spring

iSeeChange is a groundbreaking environmental reporting project that combines crowdsourced public media, perspectives from experts and cutting-edge satellite monitoring of environmental conditions.

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Breathe Cam Empowers Citizens to Track Air Pollution

Pittsburgh’s air quality is consistently rated some of the worst in the nation, because of industry, transportation and its unique topography. But new technology called Breathe Cam is trying to give area residents a tool to monitor—and help solve—air quality problems. 

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'Toilet to Tap' Resistance Is in Your Head

Less than 1 percent of the water on the earth is usable, fresh water. With water resources becoming scarcer in some areas, unconventional new sources for clean water are needed. Using treated waste water is one option, if people are willing to overlook its unsavory origins.

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Bird Files: Tundra Swans Fly High with Precision

Tundra Swans fly in "V" formations with precision. But you may have to use your ears to identify them.

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