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July 3-9, 2015

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Gettysburg Battlefield Gets an Extreme Makeover

Twenty years ago, Gettysburg was so overgrown, visitors literally had to trudge through forests to experience legendary spots on the battlefield. So the National Park Service decided to do something (epic) about it.

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Bird's-eye View: Birding by Hot Air Balloon

Really devoted birders will go to great lengths to see something new. But it's hard to beat birding from the sky in a hot air balloon.

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Looking Back at African-American Environmental History

Author Dianne Glave talks about how black Americans can reclaim their environmental heritage. 

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Risks and Rewards of Being "Out" In the Outdoors

Lots of people can feel intimidated by the great outdoors. But for some gay and transgender people, being in the outdoors can be dangerous.

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New Regulations Target Algae Blooms in Lake Erie

New limits on phosophorus runoff could help reduce toxic algae blooms in Lake Erie.

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Supreme Court Rebukes EPA on Mercury Rules

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled the EPA didn't consider costs to power plants when it instituted limits on mercury pollution. 

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