Prove your humanity

This week, we hear voices on the environment from vastly different places. We talk to a writer in the coalfields of Kentucky, and go on an expedition with a sound artist capturing vibrations at the bottom of the Allegheny River. Plus we ask the big questions to Jared Diamond, a scientist who also happens to have a Pulitzer.

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Stories in this episode

  • Silas House Friend of Miners and Mountains - Silas House writes about life in coal country through rich, complex characters steeped in history and tradition. His activism is rooted in seeing how mining affected his family and community.
  • What Can We Learn From Traditional Societies? - Jared Diamond writes books that focus on the big issues of life that everybody's concerned with--survival, sex and why history turned out the way it did. He says the United States is an example of a successful society but is at risk of screwing things up.
  • ‘Sound Fishing’ in Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers - Composer and sound archaeologist Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson says you can learn a lot about Pittsburgh's past and present by listening to its signature landscapes.