This week, we hear voices on the environment from vastly different places. We talk to a writer in the coalfields of Kentucky, and go on an expedition with a sound artist capturing vibrations at the bottom of the Allegheny River. Plus we ask the big questions to Jared Diamond, a scientist who also happens to have a Pulitzer.

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Stories in this episode

  • Friend of Miners and Mountains
    Silas House writes about life in coal country through rich, complex characters steeped in history and tradition. His activism is rooted in seeing how mining affected his family and community.
  • What Can We Learn From Traditional Societies?
    Jared Diamond writes books that focus on the big issues of life that everybody's concerned with--survival, sex and why history turned out the way it did. He says the United States is an example of a successful society but is at risk of screwing things up.
  • ‘Sound Fishing’ in Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers
    Composer and sound archaeologist Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson says you can learn a lot about Pittsburgh's past and present by listening to its signature landscapes.