Prove your humanity

In this episode, a conversation about race, class and environmental health. Plus we visit a nonprofit trying to give a voice to people who believe fracking is affecting their health. And if you’re confused about whether or not non-stick cookware is safe to use–don’t throw out your pots and pans just yet–we’ve get some advice from an expert.

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Stories in this episode

  • With Environmental Justice For All? - The EPA’s Environmental Justice office is meant to defend communities that face a disproportionate share of the effects of pollution. But the office’s funding could be cut entirely in President Trump’s 2018 budget proposal.
  • Shell ethane cracker There’s Enough Gas for Several More Crackers, Industry Says - Shell’s $6 billion ethane cracker in Beaver County could be the first of several large chemical plants in the region. That’s because there’s enough ethane being produced to provide the chemical industry with the raw material without any additional drilling.
  • Why You Can Ditch that Non-Stick Skillet for Cast Iron - Health concerns about Teflon have led many consumers to ditch their modern non-stick cookware for an old-school alternative. And with a little care, cast iron can be just as effective and twice as versatile.
  • water faucet Study: Some Highly Fluorinated Chemicals are Harder to Filter From Water - Researchers have found a family of chemicals called highly fluorinated compounds are contaminating drinking water around the country. Now they’re trying to figure out whether filters really work to remove these chemicals from water.
  • Concerned About How Fracking is Affecting Your Health? This Organization Can Help - If you believe your health has been, or could be, impacted by industry pollution, one place to start is this organization. Staffed with doctors, nurses and public health scientists, the Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project helps people and communities protect themselves.