Prove your humanity

In this episode, we hear from community activists who are literally sick of industrial pollution and are looking for solutions from people who’ve been through it. Plus, an environmental lawyer says Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate agreement shouldn’t surprise anyone–just look at some of his other policies. And is a new coal plant bucking the industry trend? 

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Stories in this episode

  • Edgar Thomson Children Who Live Near Polluters Have Twice The Risk For Asthma - According to a new study, about 35 percent of kids who live near sources of pollution in Allegheny County have asthma. The national asthma rate is about 8 percent. The pollution, and the asthma it causes, have far-reaching consequences in a child’s life.
  • It’s Not Paris or Pittsburgh. It’s the Planet. - President Trump fulfilled one of his biggest campaign promises in taking the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord. But could his decision lead to more climate action, not less?
  • Sharing Stories to Fight Pollution - What do you do when you worry that pollution from a local industrial plant is making people in your town sick, and you want to do something about it? It can help to talk to someone who has been down that road. The Allegheny Front connected people from two Allegheny County communities in different stages of this shared experience, and sat in on their conversation.
  • Acosta Deep Coal Mine in Somerset County Trump Touts a New PA Mine. But is Coal Actually Rebounding? - By all accounts, the coal industry is in a steep decline. Mines have been shutting down for about a decade. So why is one in Somerset County about to open?