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This week on The Allegheny Front, the Trump administration comes to Pennsylvania to talk about cleaning up abandoned mines. And, why some strike it rich in the natural gas patch and others strike out. Also, the state needs your help to track a new invasive species that is threatening PA’s grape, hops and logging industries.

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Stories in this episode

  • Author: Shale Gas Impact on Climate Change a Wash - As Pennsylvania’s gas boom helps propel the United States away from coal-fired power, one energy researcher says the impact on climate change will be a wash.
  • One Year Down, Three to Go - There have been lots of presidential orders and proclamations, and many proposals are in the works. But just how effective has Trump been in changing environmental policy during his first year in office?
  • Ryan Zinke Zinke Comes to PA to Talk Abandoned Mine Cleanup - The Interior Secretary was in Bethlehem Township, home to Black Dog Hollow, a 100-foot tall pile of coal waste left by a mine that closed 30 years ago.
  • Why Some Strike it Rich in the Natural Gas Patch, and Others Strike Out - Royalty money from natural gas drilling has helped save many struggling family farms. But many people now say this economic windfall is being doled out in an unfair, and possibly illegal, manner.
  • Have You Seen This Bad Bug? - Agriculture officials are asking people who see a spotted lanternfly in any form -- egg masses or full grown insects -- to double bag them, throw them away - and report it to the state at Ba****@pa.gov