Prove your humanity

Hearing about the new “On the Air” podcast from the Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP) got us wondering what other podcasts with an environmental bend are out there. So when you’ve had your fill of true crime, self-reflective introspection set to music, and three stories told in 2 acts, here are a few you should check out:

The Adaptors

This is a podcast “about life on Earth during a weird time: now.”  Hosted by Flora Lichtman, favorite episodes include this one about how dogs have adapted over the years to changes in the environment. And this one that explores the question, if humans were to go extinct, what would the planet look like?

HumaNature Podcast

The folks at Wyoming Public Media are pros at telling real stories about human experiences in nature. The tales they tell are meant to encourage reflection on our own place in the natural world. They are also pros at coming up with titles for their episodes that make you want to tune in like this one, A Ballroom Dancer, a shark and a PR problem.”

Home of the Brave 

This is Scott Carrier’s podcast. If you aren’t familiar with Scott Carrier’s unique style of storytelling, you should start with this story that aired on This American Life in 1996 (it has nothing to do about the environment). Now Carrier lives in Utah, and he often tells stories set there. He’s done a five-part series on Bears Ears that you should really listen to. He also has a three-part series on the Grizzly bears of Yellowstone.


Host Ashley Ahearn travels the country to share stories about people making personal choices in the face of environmental change. Some of our favorite episodes include “Should we have kids, given where the planet is headed?” and “When Climate Change Makes it Hard to Breathe.” 

No Place Like Home

The Sierra Club is behind this podcast that “gets to the heart of climate change through personal stories.” Favorite episodes include this interview about the intersection of civil rights, racial justice and climate change. And this rundown of climate change coverage from the world of pop culture.

Pennsylvania Legacies

Closer to home, the Pennsylvania Environmental Council has produced 68 episodes of a podcast that tracks state environmental legislation, news and ideas. Recent episodes include one about how to build nature-rich cities and another about how the state measures methane emissions.  Special bonus: Pennsylvania Legacies is hosted by a familiar-voice to our region, Josh Raulerson, who was the local host of Morning Edition for years.

Trump on Earth

We can’t finish this list without a little self-promotion. What started as an idea to track the Trump administration’s first 100 days in office has now spiraled into 36 episodes and counting. We sort through how changes to environmental policy affect you and people around the world — with deep analysis, clear information, and real talk from the critics, scientists and thinkers who know the issues. If you find it hard to keep up with all the news of the changes happening at the federal level with environmental policy, this is the podcast for you. Some of our favorite episodes include “Will This Land Still Be Your Land?” and “The Red State Paradox.”