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This Week, Outside #2: Shucks, PA, You Sure Do Look Good in White


Aww, shucks, Pennsylvania. You sure do look good in white. Whether it’s this view of the white out near Lake Erie.

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Or the fog in eastern PA.

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And, of course, to Pittsburghers, white always looks best with a pop of yellow.


And we were blown away by just how many shapes your snow could take. Like this mini snow forest near Marianna, Pennsylvania.

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Or these tiny ice pyramids in Harmony, PA.

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And these ice lilypads floating on the Susquehanna River.


And wait, are those actual icebergs at Ohiopyle?


Meanwhile, a trail cam captured this sweet shot of some curious furry fox buddies.


At least we thought they were buds.



And this sparrow had a serious grievance with his bud who wouldn’t share the prime spot on the Festivus pole.

In Erie, Pennsylvania


And this horse in the Laurel Highlands was wondering if someone was finally going to get her a coat for Christmas.


And this Bucks County screech owl was wondering if he was having the best day ever or worst day ever after getting hit by a car but then getting taken to an animal rescue.

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And for these deer in Hollidaysburg, Christmas brought a load of extra tortillas to the back yard.

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Though they still weren’t having as much fun as this guy.


And whoever’s dad made this backyard ice rink deserves something really good in his stocking this year.

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In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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