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Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail. Photo: Reid R. Frazier

Episode for November 18, 2022

How the $2 billion in tax credit Gov. Wolf just signed into law benefits natural gas. We'll also hear about a solar farm project for the University of Pittsburgh.  Plus, Shell's ethane cracker officially opens. And an environmental reporter blows off some steam during a solo hike. We have news about the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and a fine for a gas company
Maple Lawn Farms

Episode for November 11, 2022

As climate change brings more risks to traditional farming, farmers are trying to make sure their crops survive. With the COP27 talks underway, the US and other wealthier nations are working to transition countries like South Africa away from fossil fuels. Plus, we visit an urban farm in Pittsburgh that teaches neighbors how to grow and cook seasonal veggies. And, a Philly hiking group is improving women’s wellness.
rooster mural

Episode for November 4, 2022

One company is mining Bitcoin to keep two waste coal power plants running. But what's the climate impact? A new report concludes that coal plants aren't doing enough to clean up coal ash disposal sites that are contaminating groundwater. Plus, an urban farmer in Pittsburgh had to overcome big challenges to clean up her property to start her enterprise. We have news about microplastics in Pennsylvania waterways and funding to help coal communities.
fracking well pad

Episode for October 28, 2022

Both John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz used to be in favor of a moratorium on fracking, but now both support it. But do voters care? The Pa. legislature just passed a $2 billion package of tax breaks meant to support the natural gas industry. Plus, as the Clean Water Act turns 50, some of its protections for wetlands and smaller bodies of water could be limited by an upcoming Supreme Court decision.
Campaign signs

Episode for October 21, 2022

Voters in one Ohio county are deciding if wind energy will be built in their community, but experts say their views may be colored by misinformation. We'll hear how the Clean Water Act, which just turned 50, revived the Delaware River. Plus, the garden of a refugee community in Pittsburgh helps sustain its own members and the neighborhood where it grows. And, we report that a new rule in Allegheny County didn't stop air pollution from rising this month.
Kent Bey

Episode for October 14, 2022

Fifty years ago, parts of the Delaware River stank, and fish couldn't survive in it. We look at how the Clean Water Act helped to revive this dead river. And, we have the first installment of a new series highlighting Black urban farmers growing food to sustain their communities. Plus, a new collection of climate fiction looks forward to a better world for the environment and for people.
Shell's ethane cracker

Episode for October 7, 2022

We answer your questions about the impact of Shell's ethane cracker on the region's jobs, property values, and of course, air pollution. Meanwhile, the state health department is funding the University of Pittsburgh to study the impacts of fracking on health, but both groups pulled out of a public meeting about the work. We'll also hear about a nature preserve in Wyoming County that's now one of three new Pennsylvania parks.
Judy Wanchism

Episode for September 30, 2022

In dozens of Pennsylvania towns, underground steam systems that heat buildings could be re-vamped to be powered by renewable energy. But there's competition: cheaper natural gas. We'll also hear from President Biden's climate envoy about what it will take to meet climate change goals. Plus, a new documentary tells the story of a small, rural town trying to keep a fracking waste injection well out of its community to preserve its drinking water and save a rare salamander. News about PFAS in fracking wastewater in Ohio.
oak staves

Episode for September 23, 2022

This week, we learn about why white oak trees are in trouble and the lawsuit over a plan to cut them down in the Wayne National Forest. We also talk about the underground network that connects trees in forests. Plus, the story of a hunter who discovered a full-grown American chestnut tree in a Delaware forest. News about a global clean energy conference in Pittsburgh, pipelines, and spotted lanternflies.
flooded backyard

Episode for September 16, 2022

Climate change is fueling more flooding in Pennsylvania and throughout the Ohio Valley. We'll look at the relationship between climate change, flooding and extreme weather. And we'll hear about how one town in Pennsylvania is trying to get ahead of the problem. Plus, it's the 60th anniversary of the publication of a book that questioned the indiscriminate use of synthetic chemicals and became an instant classic: Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring."

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