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bird banding

Episode for May 8, 2020

Conservation research and activities are on hold due to the pandemic. Are changes to the federal stimulus program a "stealth bailout" for the oil and gas industry? An alliance in the Ohio River watershed is looking to get things like clean water projects funded, just like in the Great Lakes. 
Ohio River

Episode for May 1, 2020

Stories from the Good River series about the Ohio River watershed: plastic pellets from petrochemical plants, mercury pollution and removing dams in the Mahoning River. Plus, news about the Pa. food supply and a new injection well for fracking waste. 

Episode for April 24, 2020

An invasive reed is being reconsidered as rising seas erode beaches. Pa. will have warmer, wetter weather, and...more chicken farms? Many Americans will need to move from disaster-prone areas. How should cities prepare for these new climate migrants? The pandemic pummels the coal industry.

Episode for April 17, 2020

Farmers and farm markets are rethinking how they get food to customers. How to watch birds (and destress) during the pandemic. On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, memories of the beginning of the modern environmental movement. Some of the construction at Shell's ethane cracker opens to workers.

Episode for April 10, 2020

Local food pioneers at Jamison Farm talk how they got started, how they're doing today. The similarities between climate change and coronavirus. A popular film festival about the outdoors is now online. It's okay to go outside, just don't go too far.

Episode for April 3, 2020

Interested in growing your own food this year? We have tips from an expert. The connection between lungs burdened with air pollution and Covid-19. US EPA relaxes some requirements amid the shutdown. Earth Day is virtual this April. Take the challenge.

Episode for March 20, 2020

How we're responding to coronavirus: State park and forest facilities are closed, trails are open. Advice from a pediatric infectious disease physician for staying safe outdoors. Pipeline and cracker construction is shut down, but farms and food processors are open. Spring is here, but is nature in sync?

Episode for March 13, 2020

One Pittsburgh area school district is the first in the state to pass a climate resolution. We'll hear how students made it happen. What's being done to bring climate science to students across Pa. Planting a rare spruce forest for one small inhabitant - ready in 50 years. How a drop in oil prices may be good for Pa. shale gas.
late stage lanternfly nymph

Episode for March 6, 2020

The invasive spotted lanternfly is moving westward. In Pennsylvania, questions about safety of private well water. West Virginians are also suffering from a lack of clean water. A petrochemical town hall and an author who looks with a critical eye at the past and future of Big Oil.