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Steve Grund

Episode for July 17, 2020

The race to save a plant so rare, few have ever seen it. Native plants can create habitat, yard by yard. The combination of an invasive shrub and foraging mice could be bad for future forests. News about the Ohio ethane cracker, tax breaks for natural gas and one of Trump's biggest environmental rollbacks yet. 

Episode for July 10, 2020

Environmental health advocates weigh in on the grand jury report that says the state didn’t do enough to protect residents from the industry. Plus a court says the federal government needs to step up to regulate coke ovens. And climate activist Bill McKibben on why divesting from fossil fuels makes financial sense.

Episode for July 3, 2020

Kayaking gives a new appreciation for rivers. Coal communities banking on recreation face the pandemic. How Moraine State Park was formed out of the ashes of industry. Pa. Department of Health reacts to a scathing grand jury report on fracking and U.S. Department of Energy touts coal and natural gas. Plus, Mud Day!
fencing with signs

Episode for June 26, 2020

The results of a grand jury investigation into Pa.'s natural gas drilling industry calls out the entire state government in both parties for the last 12 years for being negligent on fracking. How the environmental movement, from organizations to funders, are responding for calls for racial justice.

Episode for June 19, 2020

What's the legacy of the Trump administration's 100 environmental rollbacks? We talk with a lawyer tracking the changes. Pennsylvania's attorney general charges two companies with crimes related to their fracking operations. Minerworkers' unions sue Trump admin. over a lack of safety rules for COVID-19.

Episode for June 12, 2020

Reforesting minelands, a second time around. Pa. GOP wants to stop the state from joining a trading program for carbon emissions. A 16-year-old activist says there's no time left for moderate climate policies. Why the Yough River is on the Most Endangered Rivers list.
black birders

Episode for June 5, 2020

#BlackBirdersWeek sparks joy for Black birders. Can the environmental movement can address racism? Ticks that carry the bacteria that causes Lyme disease are in Pittsburgh parks. Pa. House Speaker Mike Turzai accepted $11K flight from businessman with fracking-related companies.

Episode for May 29, 2020

Climate activists say Joe Biden's climate plan isn't progressive enough, but may be part of his strategy. Offshore wind project gets approval for Lake Erie, but has to protect birds, bats. Backyard fires may be part of your summer plans, but wood smoke is bad for your health.

Episode for May 22, 2020

During the shutdown, people are noticing a change in the air. Does this line up with pollution data? We talk with a self-described "flour ambassador" who says this ingredient can be local.  Plus, state officials brace for throngs of campers at state parks. Four environmental issues to watch during the pandemic.

Episode for May 15, 2020

Could local wheat help feed the hunger for flour? We look at this final frontier in farm to table. The pandemic's impact on meatpackers and pig farmers. Plus, the Trump administration made a major change to a regulation that already reduced toxic air pollution from power plants. Why?