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Emily Carrollo

Episode for August 13, 2021

The latest UN climate report is the most dire yet. A climate scientist breaks it down. Calls for a new Civilian Conservation Corps. And we head into the woods with Pennsylvania's bear biologist to tag black bears. News about conservation funding and a fine for a pipeline company.
Bee on flower

Episode for August 6, 2021

Green infrastructure uses natural systems to steer rainwater away from aging sewer systems, but it could lead to gentrification. Indigenous tribes, forcibly removed from Appalachia 200 years ago, are reconnecting with a traditional food: pawpaw. News about Pa. state parks, air quality, and a mysterious bird disease. 
sharp-shinned hawk

Episode for July 30, 2021

While bald eagle populations are increasing, other birds of prey are declining. Philadelphia residents are accusing the city of racism over permitting a new natural gas plant. How homeowners can join foresters in stopping the hemlock wooly adelgid. Plus, news about air quality and fracking.
Jennings prairie

Episode for July 23, 2021

How tourism impacts local communities and their natural resources. A call for stricter regulations on handling radioactive oil and gas waste. A network of physicians, researchers, and cancer survivors issues a declaration to reduce pollution so fewer people get cancer. We take a trip to Pennsylvania’s very own prairie.
Dolly Sods Wilderness

Episode for July 16, 2021

We take a hike in one of the region's most unique landscapes: the Dolly Sods Wilderness. Pa.'s effort to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative has cleared another hurdle, but some who represent power plant communities have questions. Pittsburgh's riverfront trails are where its industrial past and its future meet.
Cindi Fink with an empty birdfeeder.

Episode for July 9, 2021

Researchers are racing to find the cause of mysterious bird deaths being reported across the eastern US. We have answers to your questions on Biden's climate plan. Longtime environmental journalist, Don Hopey reflects on his beat in Pittsburgh. News about U.S. Steel's Clairton Coke Works.
Anti-solar sign in yard

Episode for July 2, 2021

Despite decreasing pollution, climate change is making air quality worse. Michael Mann says climate deniers have a new tactic: doom and gloom. A psychologist discusses managing our climate fears and moving towards solutions. The next energy boom in Pennsylvania: solar power.
Lordstown Motors truck

Episode for June 25, 2021

Manufacturing of electric cars and batteries will take a new kind of worker. If Pennsylvania joins RGGI, a cap-and-trade program for power plants, will your electricity rates go up? An experimental treatment is helping bats fight off a deadly fungus. Sniffing out spotted lanternflies.
Jennifer Granholm

Episode for June 18, 2021

US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm talks about jobs for the region in a clean energy future. A local project trains volunteers to keep an eye on bees and other pollinators. An environmental justice organizer is hopeful about young people in the movement. News about air quality in Allegheny County.
Ohio River Blue Sky

Episode for June 11, 2021

The EPA heard from Pittsburgh communities concerned about lead in drinking water. Good news for dragonflies on the Ohio River. Bad news for coal with closures of a coal mine and coal-fired power plant. We tag along on a bike ride that has its own soundtrack.