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Episode for March 17, 2023

Spring starts on March 20, but for many places, spring has been here for a while. How does that impact nature?  We have the story of one family in East Palestine who isn't sure if their home or water is safe. We talk with U.S. EPA's onsite coordinator there, who breaks down how the government is monitoring chemical pollution. We have news about U.S. Steel, Shell's ethane cracker, and proposed federal rules for PFAS in drinking water.
White Oak

Episode for March 10, 2023

People in East Palestine want to know if their homes are polluted by long-lasting chemicals called dioxins from the train derailment last month. We'll also hear from residents near the derailment site who are finding the investments they've made in their homes are worth a lot less after the crash. Plus, an environmental group is trying to stop the U.S. Forest Service from clear cutting a section of national forest to promote the growth of white oak trees.
EPA air quality monitor

Episode for March 3, 2023

We have updates on the train derailment in East Palestine, where many people are deeply skeptical of officials who say it is safe to return to their homes. Meanwhile, Republican politicians are walking a fine line in East Palestine: showing concern for residents without being seen as liberal environmentalists. EPA orders Norfolk Southern to test for dioxins. Plus, the Bearded Ladies Cabaret tackles climate change with a comedy show in drag, on ice.
Smoke cloud from burning vinyl chloride.

Episode for February 24, 2024: The latest on the Ohio train derailment

We have the latest on the aftermath of the Norfolk Southern train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. We hear from residents in Beaver County who feel left out of the response and farmers concerned about the black soot they found on their homes and properties. Experts are now warning dioxins could be present. Plus, some are looking for additional soil and water testing from independent researchers outside of the government.
Crews in East Palestine

Episode for February 17, 2023

We have the latest developments of the East Palestine train derailment that polluted the area with toxic chemicals. We report on a community meeting where tensions ran high as residents asked questions about air and water quality and health impacts. We ask if stricter regulations could have averted the East Palestine train derailment. Plus, a new memoir shares how the life of an environmental policy expert was informed by the work of a Pittsburgh environmental champion.
Shawna Lewis and her family

Episode for February 10, 2023

We discuss what we know about air and water issues in the aftermath of the train derailment in Ohio. We also have reactions to a government report that finds many conventional oil and gas drillers in Pennsylvania aren't following regulations. Plus, lead from bullets is showing up in birds of prey. We'll hear about solutions to the problem. 
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Episode for February 3, 2023

Can new recycling technologies that break plastics down into their chemical components save us from the plastic waste crisis? We talk with an environmental reporter about a new government study. Also, the North Country National Scenic Trail has only about 20 known hikers who have trekked the entire 4,800 miles through eight states, including Pennsylvania. But in the farm country of northwestern Ohio, one more name is about to be added to the list.
Old Crow Wetland

Episode for January 27, 2023

One stop for some birds migrating south from Pennsylvania is the cloud forest in Costa Rica. But the cool, misty mountains are getting warmer and drier. Plus, closer to home, birders and naturalists oppose a new development next to a wetland in Huntington County. And, January is National Radon Action month, and that means it's time to test your home for the radioactive, cancer-causing gas.
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Episode for January 20, 2023

An electric heat pump can reduce the carbon footprint of your home. We look at the pros and cons of this climate solution. The National Weather Service wants the public to become "river ice spotters" to help monitor for ice jams on area rivers. Plus, Frick Park has a new resident: Castor the beaver. We have news about new PFAS standards for drinking water in Pennsylvania, the Chesapeake Bay, and the new Pa. DEP secretary.

Episode for January 13, 2023

State regulators call out the conventional oil and gas industry for a widespread failure to comply with Pennsylvania environmental regulations. And, an art exhibit aims to give trees the legal tools to protect themselves. Plus, we go forest bathing in Frick Park to improve our mental and physical health. News about a proposed new federal limit for soot and an investigation into a Christmas Day natural gas explosion.

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