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Kamala Harris

Episode for October 9, 2020

How will the issue of fracking influence the 2020 election? We'll hear what voters think. Why Trump keeps losing in court. A coal magnet who fought mine safety rules has filed for black lung benefits. Allegheny County improves its handling of applications for air pollution permits. 
Supreme Court

Episode for October 2, 2020

What a more conservative Supreme Court means for climate and environmental cases. How cities should prepare to welcome people escaping climate-related disasters. We ask, what do voters want their elected officials to do about climate change? Plus, Ohio's complaint system for gas industry is 'impossible' to use. A rare bird, both male and female, is banded during fall migration.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg memorial

Episode for September 25, 2020

Remembering the environmental legacy of RBG. Will massive wildfires finally convince the public climate change is real? Plus, one way to get office buildings to reduce their carbon footprints could be to make energy use public.  Proposed Ohio cracker plant to get ethane from Pa. driller. 
Shell ethane cracker

Episode for September 18, 2020

How realistic is a plastics boom in the Ohio Valley? Authors of "Appalachian Fall" say lessons from coal country can help what's ailing America. Groups challenge new federal air rule for ethane crackers. Plus, air pollution and risk of stroke in heart patients. Pa. is a step closer to joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. 
Milton "Mickey" Pettry with Black Lung

Episode for September 4, 2020

This Labor Day: Why a coalition of environmental groups and unions endorsed Joe Biden. Coal miners are suffering from an epidemic of Black Lung disease, COVID is making it worse. Federal judges throw out Pa.'s air rules for coal plants that address smog. Rare bipartisan support for community solar projects. 
Blue Plastic Grocery Bag

Episode for August 28, 2020

What's better in a pandemic -- plastic or reusable bags? Heat, coronavirus, and smoke from wildfires are making farmworkers' jobs more dangerous. Despite decreasing emissions, climate change is worsening air quality. "Bomb trains" get federal go-ahead.
polar bear

Episode for August 21, 2020

The pandemic is delaying climate and environmental research at Penn State. Outdoor Afro works to connect Black people to nature, while one expert says nature groups need to do more to engage communities of color. Opening up the National Arctic Wildlife Refuge to drilling. 

Episode for August 14, 2020

Drilling mud from Mariner East construction contaminated a state park lake. Why Pennsylvania's GOP-led legislature isn't acting on climate. EPA rolls back rule on methane emissions. Meanwhile, a TIME journalist says 2020 may be our last best chance to stop climate change. Goats can do the weed control for you.
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